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Name : Charlene Adams Fletcher


I have been blessed with a spouse who is also my best friend.  Together we have four lovely daughters, a loving son-in-law, and a joyful granddaughter.  My life is a daily reminder of the divine presence of God.  I am proud to say that collectively as a family and as individuals, we are believers and our faith serves as a beacon for the paths we tread each day.

Career :

I am a High School Guidance Counselor with a passion for serving students and assisting them in discovering career opportunities that align with their passion and skillset.

Education :

Coconut Creek High School - Class of 1983

Clark College- BA Degree in Early Childhood Education, 1987

West Georgia College - MA Degree in Guidance and Counseling, 1994

Lincoln Memorial University - Specialist Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, 2012

Location : Atlanta, GA

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