The Employment module is an effective way for prospective employees and employers to discover one another: connecting talent and resources to available positions. Read More


Have you ever thought, if the world only knew who I AM? Well here is your opportunity to show them! The world will have the best view of you through I AM’s interactive platform. Make the best of your moment by showcasing your gifts, talents and skills. This is your opportunity to show them who you are!   Read More

The Faith based organizations

This module will assist individuals and families in finding a place of worship that speaks to the needs of their desired worship experience. Additionally, this unique platform is designed for pastors, ministers, and clergymen/clergywomen to convey their message to an unlimited number of I AM viewers while utilizing our unique platform to increase awareness of their spiritual beliefs and the ministries they offer to those seeking a place of worship. Read More


The Education module connects prospective students via text, video, and interactive media tools to organizations including colleges, universities, technical colleges and specialty schools. Read More


If you have ever needed the spotlight, this is your moment to shine. Showcase your athletic ability to those who can make a difference in your life. Read More


A strong community is made up of individuals who give more than they receive and who achieve for the benefit of others. The community module enables individual community members, civic organizations and community organizations an opportunity to tell their story, share exciting news, and share information that impacts their local, regional and national communities. Read More

Business & Legal

The Business & Legal module offers a unique platform that enables business owners and legal professionals the opportunity to utilize the power of video and interactive media tools to reach various audiences who are in need of their products and/or services. Read More

Health Care

Say Goodbye to Insurance Provider books filled with names and say hello to a personal video that introduces you to your potential doctor and helps you to gain a clear understanding of why they would be a great choice for your healthcare needs. Read More


The Legends module allows the art of storytelling to live forever. There are many members of our society that have a story worth being told. Whether it’s a personal tale of an immigrant’s journey to a new land, or how one person’s courage and perseverance changed the world, the Legends module will allow I AM legends to share their stories of personal successes, failures and ultimate triumphs that have influenced them and impacted their communities, while allowing audiences the opportunity to be inspired by each legend’s journey and the positive strides they have made. Read More

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