About Us

I AM Global Networking seeks to provide an opportunity for individuals, businesses and other organizations to tell who they are and why the matter in a compelling and thought provoking way.  We harness the exponential power of the Internet to allow our clients to utilize video, textual information, photographs and graphics to tell their unique story.  Whether our clients are looking to increase their exposure and resulting opportunites or just want to share who they are with the world, our platform has something to offer everyone.  Register now and become a part of I AM’s global networking community!


I Am Global Networking’s Mission is to empower individuals, businesses, and other organizations by providing exposure through a proprietary online digital platform for clients to visually and narratively tell who they are, and why they matter. The venture aims to harness the level of precision offered by social media to create unlimited, continuous effective marketing opportunities for our clients in areas including but not limited to: Employment, Business, Education, Athletics and Talent. 


I Am Global Networking’s vision is to serve as a beacon of light, hope, inspiration and opportunity, for individuals, businesses, professional practitioners, community organizations and faith based organizations to have a platform to explain and assert who they are and why they matter to their target audience. Additionally, I AM seeks to highlight how their unique circumstances can have a positive impact on others. In the view of I AM's management team, everyone is unique and gifted, and matters. We also believe that I AM Global Networking's platform can serve as a bridge to leverage the power of the Internet for organized, high caliber client content access ‘source to source,’ to better assist manifesting dreams into reality.


We value faith, family, hard-work, honesty and integrity.  We are a christian based company that believes in uplifting and supporting our fellow men and women in our communities.  These values run through the very core of our company and serve to guide us toward our goals and objectives on a daily basis.


Why choose us?

Because we care and we want the absolute best for our clients and our viewers!  We have developed this site with a passion to allow individuals, businesses and other organizations an opportunity to be able to tell their unique I AM stories in a way that reaches to the core of who they are and why they matter in business or just everyday life.  We want our clients to tell their stories so that others can make connections that will positively impact their lives in and around the nine categories that we have developed on this site. 

Hopefully, our clients and our viewers will be able to say that I AM Global Networking made a positive impact on their life.  If this is the case, we will have fulfilled our mission and our vision for our company.

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