Welcome to I AM Global Networking! We are so excited that you chose to visit our site.  It is our goal to help people make connections that count and will lead to more meaningful purposes in life such as getting an awesome job or finding an amazing educational opportunity or promoting a business/organization.  We will do this by highlighting and profiling individuals, businesses and other organizations in a new and unique way that provides the individual or entity with maximum exposure in the digital marketplace. 

Your experience on I AM will begin with either viewing other profiles or creating your own profile.  This experience allows for true connections through the use of our 3D approach, which includes textual information, compelling video and images/graphics that combine to tell a unique I AM story.  We believe I AM’s platform will begin to change the way individuals and entities interact with one another, as we gain a better understanding of who others are and what makes their story unique.  

As you go through the various modules or categories on the site and view our original trailblazing companies, please take note of their amazing stories and check out their great products or services they have to offer.  Additionally, if you are an individual seeking employment, educational opportunities or talent opportunities, we hope that I AM will create positive life changing opportunities that will catapult you to the highest levels of success!  As a guide to the site, please click on the tabs in the footer section below for How to Use the Site and How to Create a Profile.

Thank you and we sincerely hope that you have a wonderful experience on I AM Global Networking, the new source for innovative and creative exposure in the digital marketplace.

I AM Global Networking Team

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