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Silver Crown LLC is a Life and Leadership Coaching and Consulting Firm specializing in personal development, professional development, business development, and leadership development. Our passion is to help people become better leaders of excellence in life, career. and business. We promote all encompassing personal brand identity and value with key focus on health and wellness, foundational principal core values, and relational leadership with our coaching and consulting programs.  We believe success isn't something to create but something already existing just waiting to be attained. 

Product or Service Produced or Offered : Life (including Health), Professional, and Leadership Coaching and Consulting

Business Bios :

Anissa Reid, "The Excellence Strategist", is an aspiring Author, Entreprenuer, Thought Leader, Dynamic Speaker, Breakthrough Certified Life and Professional Coach, Strategic Business and Leadership Consultant, and Founder/CEO of Silver Crown LLC. She has an educational background degree in Commercial Construction Managment and has extensive background experience in business development, process development, workplace diversity, conflict management, workflow improvement, talent aquisition, customer support excellence, and leadership training and development.  Anissa works with company executives, CEOs, Business Owners, Professionals, Ministry and Non-Profit Organization Founders to create distinct learning and organizational solutions that help individuals, professionals, and teams, to achieve excellence internally and externally by way of her insightful, intuitive, and strategic coaching and consulting programs that ultimately and positively impact growth and bottom line.  Anissa has studied many years at the "feet" of some of the world's most amazing leaders and has read numerous books concerning leadership skills and practices.--so many that there are too many to count. She has a key interest in introverted leadership development and has thus developed 'The 3 Steps to Thriving and Getting What You Want out of Life, Career, and Business' for Introverted Leaders, a 90 day Premium Coaching Program that will be offered at her Rising Star Leadership Academy beginning January 5, 2019.

Current News or Offerings : Rising Star Leadership Academy beginning January 5, 2019, Conferences, and Workshops

Slogan : Where Excellence is the Standard.

Phone number : 678-802-9436

Website : iamgn.com/silvercrown

Business Category : Service

Business Subcategory : Service

Location : Atlanta, GA, USA

Business State Name : GA

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